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History Of SECM

The Constitution of India was amended in 1992 through the 73rd and 74th amendments in order to provide legal sanctity to the Local Self-Governments (LSGs), giving LSGs their rightful place in the process of Nation building. LSGs consist of Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayats in urban areas; Zilla Parishads, Panchayat Samitis and Village Panchayats in rural areas.

These amendments provide, inter alia, an independent State Election Commission in each state (under Article 243-K and 243-ZA) for timely conduct of elections in a free and fair and transparent manner.

The State Election Commission, Maharashtra (SECM) was established on 26th April 1994. Following are the State Election Commissioners appointed since 1994:

Sr. No. Name Date from To date
1 Shri. D. N. Chaudhary 26/04/1994 25/04/1999
2 Shri. Y. L. Rajwade 15/06/1999 14/06/2004
3 Shri. Nand Lal 15/06/2004 14/06/2009
4 Smt. Neela Satyanarayan 07/07/2009 06/07/2014
5 Shri. Jageshwar Saharia 05/09/2014 04/09/2019
6 Shri. U.P.S. Madan 05/09/2019