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On Going - Gram Panchayats

Sr.No Subject DocumentType Date Size(MB) pdf
1 Ward Formation and Reservation Programme for the General Elections of Gram Panchayats Ward Formation 22/02/2021 0.54
2 The General Election Programme To be Implemented Using Computerized Method For Total 14234 Gram Panchayats Whose Terms Are Expiring Between April 2020 To December 2020 And Newly Established. Election 11/12/2020 2.14
3 Cancellation of voterlist & election program given for 1566 Grampanchayats, due in period from April 2020 to June 2020. Election 19/11/2020 1.26
4 Ward Formation and Reservation Program for General Elections to the Newly Established Village Panchayats Formed Due to Division. Ward Formation 12/03/2020 4.25
5 Village Panchayat General Election March-2020. Extending the Period of Inviting and Submitting Nomination forms. Election 12/03/2020 0.85
6 The General Election Programme to be implemented using computerized method for 1570 Village Panchayats whose terms are expiring between April and June 2020 and newly established. Election 24/02/2020 1.95
7 Voter List programme for the General Elections to the village panchayat whose terms are expiring between April 2020 and June 2020. Voter List 05/02/2020 1.74
8 Gram Panchayat Elections. Nomination Process From Computer System. Election 05/02/2020 1.65