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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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11 Requisition of Staff and Vehicles Requisition of Services & Others. 18/07/2018 1.20
12 Postal Ballot Order 2001 and letter dated 17th January 2002 Ballot Paper/Postal Ballot 25/05/2018 30.46
13 Amendment to the provisions of the relevant Act regarding the submission of caste validity certificate along with the nomination papers by the candidate contesting for reserved seats in the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat. Nominations 20/03/2018 0.41
14 Providing necessary facilities for Handicapped & Blind Persons (Differentially Abled) on Polling Booth (SEC/MC-2017/CR.7/ D-5) Polling Stations 28/11/2017 0.18
15 Prescribed Policy for getting accurate voters' list (data) (SEC/MC-2017/ CR.53/D-5 Voter List 26/10/2017 0.08
16 Local Bodies Election- Order regarding election allowance / food allowance to be given to the officers / employees and also police officers and police personnel appointed on poll / counting duty Election Process 12/06/2017 0.53
17 To submit a certificate about toilet use Nominations 30/05/2017 0.08
18 Regarding the preparation of Electronic Voting Machines and Mock Poll before the election EVMs 22/05/2017 0.07
19 Giving fair opportunity to correct clerical errors found at the time of primary checking in nomination paper Dtd. 01.04.2017 (SEC/MC-2017/CR.32/ D-5) Nominations 01/04/2017 0.10
20 Local Body Elections- Clearing /collecting Garbage from Polling Stations (SEC/MC-2017/CR.29/ D-5) Polling Stations 29/03/2017 0.03