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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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95 Safe storage and Tracking of Electronic Voting Machines EVMs 03/01/2011 0.09
98 Revised order for voting of blind and disabled voters on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the municipal area EVMs 15/04/2010 1.15
107 Appointing Designated Officer for withdrawing the memory (DMM) of Electronic Voting Machine from the treasury after 3 months of period gets over after poll EVMs 08/10/2007 5.46
110 Keeping Deadstock Register regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and their associated materials EVMs 05/07/2007 1.28
119 Action to be taken if battery remains 'ON' after polling and therefore gets discharged, And result is not visible at the time of counting EVMs 13/06/2005 0.06
124 Order regarding voting by Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in municipal area EVMs 07/01/2005 19.89
30 Instructions regarding declaration of Opinion Poll and Exit Poll (SEC/MC/2017/CR.7/D.5) Exit Poll /Opinion Poll 21/01/2017 0.08
74 Regarding applying ink on finger in case of poll/ re-poll (SEC/MC2012/ CR.24/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 09/10/2012 0.05
93 Regarding the use of marker pen instead of indelible ink bottle (SEC/MC2010/ CR.10/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 19/11/2011 0.05
28 Precautions to be taken while doing correspondence with the SEC in relation to Model Code of Conduct(MCC)-Circular Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 27/01/2017 0.02