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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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25 Instructions to candidates sponsored by political parties (SEC/MC-2015/CR13/D.5) Political Parties 01/02/2017 0.05
26 Gist / Excerpts from Candidate's affidavit to be displayed outside polling station (SEC/MC-2017/CR.2/D-5) Polling Stations 01/02/2017 0.04
19 Giving fair opportunity to correct clerical errors found at the time of primary checking in nomination paper Dtd. 01.04.2017 (SEC/MC-2017/CR.32/ D-5) Nominations 01/04/2017 0.10
127 Reporting all important events or misconduct to the State Election Commission immediately.(MC-2004/CR.35/D-5) Reporting 01/12/2004 0.04
130 Orders regarding making corrections in the voters' list till the last date of nomination (SEC/MC-2002/ CR.1/D.10) Voter List 02/01/2002 2.25
23 Local Bodies Election: Explanation for opening separate account in a schedule bank for contesting candidat Election Expenditure 02/02/2017 0.04
24 Only Party Symbol To Be Mention In The Nomination Paper Of Candidate Set Up By Recognized Registered Political Party Nominations 02/02/2017 0.04
69 Local Bodies Elections- Keeping secrecy while doing ward formation activity (SEC/MC-2005/ CR.17/ D.5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 02/07/2013 0.55
116 Disciplinary action against officers / employees working in elections Requisition of Services & Others. 02/08/2006 0.07
76 Local Body Elections-About producing photo identity proof like Voter's Identity Card(EPIC) issued by ECI or any other identity proof as evidence for voting (SEC/MC-2009/ CR.16/D-5) Poll Day/Polling/Voting 02/08/2012 0.18