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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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41 Certificate to be submitted after completing the election process (SEC/MC-2016/CR.16/ D-7) Reporting 09/11/2016 0.15
58 Fixation of responsibility related to election duty for local bodies at regional level (SEC/MC-2015/CR.6/D.5) Delegation of Powers 10/02/2015 0.08
6 Urban Local Bodies General Election- Depositing Contribution's Amount (SEC/MC-2016/CR.44/ Election Process 10/02/2020 0.24
112 Order regarding ward formation - not to fall victim to pressure of local representatives Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 10/04/2007 0.17
52 Local Body Elections- Disqualification of candidate for not submitting election expenditure in the general / bye election (SEC/NP-2015/ CR.10/ D.06) Election Expenditure 10/08/2015 2.59
88 Guidelines Regarding Flag hoisting during Code of Conduct by Local Representatives like Mayor, Chairman of Zilla Parishad, Chairman of Panchayat Samiti, Sarpanch of Gram Panchaya Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 11/01/2012 1.01
104 Procedure for appointment of teachers for election work (SEC/MC-2008/CR.9/D-5) Requisition of Services & Others. 11/11/2008 0.24
79 Local Bodies Election - Setting and Sealing of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) EVMs 12/03/2012 0.11
57 Appointment of Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officer assigning responsibility of work Delegation of Powers 12/03/2015 0.10
120 Regarding the filing of FIR in electoral offense immediately (SEC/MC-2005/CR.14/D-5) Election Process 12/04/2005 0.03