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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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31 Provisions for registered political parties to get the same symbol (SEC-RPP-2017/CR-07/D-11) Symbol Allotment 21/01/2017 0.23
32 Municipal Corporation General Elections 2017- Regarding manner of publishing gist of candidate's Affidavit & Video Bites of candidates (SEC/MC-2017/CR.2/D-5) Voter Awareness 21/01/2017 0.11
144 Prevention of defacement of property (SEC1095/CR-25/95/ PR) Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 21/01/1995 2.17
118 Disposal of video cassette(SEC/MC-2005/CR.36/D-5) Election Process 20/12/2005 0.02
44 Registration of Political Parties Order, 2009 (Revised -2016) General Elections - Regarding the submission of reports, statements, etc. by the political parties (SEC/RPP/2014/CR.4/D-11) Political Parties 20/10/2016 6.74
48 Revised order for division of ward according to multi-member ward system (excluding Greater Mumbai) (SEC/MC-2016/CR.26/D-5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 20/08/2016 0.69
13 Amendment to the provisions of the relevant Act regarding the submission of caste validity certificate along with the nomination papers by the candidate contesting for reserved seats in the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat. Nominations 20/03/2018 0.41
73 Local Bodies Election- Action to be taken for false information given in the affidavit or declaration along with nomination papers Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 20/02/2013 0.08
33 Municipal Corporation Elections - Regarding Campaigning perio Campaigning 20/01/2017 0.06
40 Local Body Elections- Regarding Vehicles to be used during the campaigning period Campaigning 19/11/2016 0.08