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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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97 Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayats Elections- Submission of election expenses of a candidate Election Expenditure 05/06/2010 0.04
127 Reporting all important events or misconduct to the State Election Commission immediately.(MC-2004/CR.35/D-5) Reporting 01/12/2004 0.04
145 Delegation of Powers under the Act and rules of Municipal Corporation (SEC/1094/191/1994) Delegation of Powers 19/11/1994 0.04
25 Instructions to candidates sponsored by political parties (SEC/MC-2015/CR13/D.5) Political Parties 01/02/2017 0.05
62 Regarding the rotation of the reservation of women belonging to the backward classes in the Urban Local Bodies (SEC/MC-2014/CR.26/D-5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 06/02/2015 0.05
63 Local Bodies Election- No Need to File Affidavits/Declaration on the Stamp Paper (SEC/MC2014/CR.22/D.5) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 08/01/2015 0.05
74 Regarding applying ink on finger in case of poll/ re-poll (SEC/MC2012/ CR.24/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 09/10/2012 0.05
90 Order for setting up a committee in the Municipal Corporation / District Collector office for issuing certificates regarding broadcasting interviews through cable / local networks etc. (SEC/MC2009/CR.1/D.5) Paid News /Electronic Media 22/12/2011 0.05
93 Regarding the use of marker pen instead of indelible ink bottle (SEC/MC2010/ CR.10/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 19/11/2011 0.05
122 Prevention to Ulter Boundaries & Areas of Local Body (SEC/MC-2005/CR.4/D-5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 27/01/2005 0.05