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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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49 Local Body Election - Action to be taken on candidate elected on reserved seat for non-submitting Caste Validity Certificate within time limit Election Process 06/04/2016 0.07
119 Action to be taken if battery remains 'ON' after polling and therefore gets discharged, And result is not visible at the time of counting EVMs 13/06/2005 0.06
42 Affidavits and Annexures regarding election expenses of candidates and political parties Election Expenditure 25/10/2016 0.73
82 Allotment of symbols in Multi-Member System- Revised order (SEC- 2009/CR.49 /D.11) Symbol Allotment 05/02/2012 4.05
13 Amendment to the provisions of the relevant Act regarding the submission of caste validity certificate along with the nomination papers by the candidate contesting for reserved seats in the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat. Nominations 20/03/2018 0.41
107 Appointing Designated Officer for withdrawing the memory (DMM) of Electronic Voting Machine from the treasury after 3 months of period gets over after poll EVMs 08/10/2007 5.46
111 Appointment of Returning Officer in bye-elections (SEC/MC-2007/CR.6/D-5) Requisition of Services & Others. 24/04/2007 0.19
36 Appointment of Returning Officer, Assistant Returning Officer (SEC/MC-2016/CR.16/D-5) Delegation of Powers 26/12/2016 0.10
57 Appointment of Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officer assigning responsibility of work Delegation of Powers 12/03/2015 0.10
131 Assigning designations to the concerned authorities while performing the election duties (SEC/GEN/1999/CR.65/D-10) Delegation of Powers 30/08/1999 0.16