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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Corporation

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50 Local Body Elections- Fixing of Polling Stations/ Booths and Ideal Polling Stations/ Booths ((SEC 2015/ CR.9/PROJECT),( SEC/MC2016/ CR. 4/D.5)) Polling Stations 09/03/2016 2.10
39 Local Body Elections- 'One Window System' for granting various permissions to the candidates / political parties regarding campaigning during elections Campaigning 23/11/2016 0.31
75 Local Body Elections -Regarding District Planning Committee Meeting during the period of Code of Conduct Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 21/08/2012 0.04
121 Local Body Elections- Regarding Broadcasting of Interviews of political parties' leaders, candidates electronic media (cable networks, local channels etc.) Campaigning 17/03/2005 0.03
83 Local Body Elections- Regarding Temporary Campaigning Office of Candidates & Entry in Polling Booth & Surrounding areas on poll day- Order (SEC/MC/2007/CR.6/D.5) Poll Day/Polling/Voting 04/02/2012 1.95
40 Local Body Elections- Regarding Vehicles to be used during the campaigning period Campaigning 19/11/2016 0.08
89 Local Body Elections- Restrictions on Use of Animal/s in Campaigning Rally Campaigning 23/12/2011 1.01
76 Local Body Elections-About producing photo identity proof like Voter's Identity Card(EPIC) issued by ECI or any other identity proof as evidence for voting (SEC/MC-2009/ CR.16/D-5) Poll Day/Polling/Voting 02/08/2012 0.18
96 Local Body Elections-About taking precautions by Presiding Officer (PRO) to avoid impersonate (SEC/MC-2010/ CR.4/D-5) Poll Day/Polling/Voting 22/10/2010 0.04
102 Maharashtra Election Symbol (Reservation and Allotment) Order 2009 (Appendixes 1, 2 and 3 for the political parties to inform the party candidate) Symbol Allotment 31/03/2009 0.21