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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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145 Gram Panchayat General Elections-95. Regarding delegation of power to amend the notification issued in accordance with the Mumbai Gram Panchayat Election Rule 37(No.SEC-1095/3226/95/PR.) Delegation of Powers 16/05/1995 0.23
151 Delegation of Powers (No.SEC-1095/CR-26/95/PR.) Delegation of Powers 27/01/1995 1.06
54 Circular Regarding the procedure to be followed for disqualification of relevant candidates in case verification of caste validity certificate being invalid / false (Order.SEC/2013/CR.25/D-9) Disqualification 17/07/2013 1.04
97 Procedure for issue of the order of disqualification of the concerned member if caste validity certificate is not submitted. (No.SEC/MC-2007/CR.6/D-5) Disqualification 03/10/2007 1.12
25 Local Body Election - regarding prevention of appointing local representative or person with security as election / counting agent Dt.19.10.2016(SEC/ZPPS/2016/CR.23/D.7) Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.66
2 Regarding submission of accounts of the election expenses by contesting candidates in local body... elections, Order Dated 7th September, 2021 Election Expenditure 07/09/2021 0.53
12 Gram Panchayat Election : Expenditure Limit 1. Rescheduling for the member candidate. 2. Candidates for Sarpanch post for the first time (SEC/GP-2017/CR.11/D.08) Election Expenditure 21/08/2017 0.96
20 Local Bodies Election: Explanation for opening separate account in a schedule bank for contesting candidate Election Expenditure 02/02/2017 0.35
24 Affidavits and Annexures regarding election expenses of candidates and political parties (SEC/2016//CR.13/D.COMPUTERIZATION) Election Expenditure 25/10/2016 5.80
26 Local Bodies Election: Determine the Time and Manner for submitting election expenses for candidate Election Expenditure 19/10/2016 5.33