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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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60 Regarding applying ink on finger in case of poll/ re-poll (SEC/MC2012/ CR.24/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 09/10/2012 0.29
78 User of Marker Pen instead of Indelible Ink on the voter's finger (SEC/MC2010/ CR.10/D-5), (SEC/MC2012/ CR.24/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 19/11/2011 1.16
19 Local Body Elections - Regarding the manner of candidates names appearing on ballot paper Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) Dtd. 03/02/2017(SEC/ZPPS/2017/CR.13/D.7) EVMs 03/02/2017 0.59
53 Voting by Electronic Voting Machine (Revised) Order 2013(SEC 2013/CR.8/D-12) EVMs 28/10/2013 1.29
56 Use of White Memory in EVM during elections to Local Self Government Bodies EVMs 18/06/2013 0.52
64 Local Bodies Election - Setting and Sealing of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)(SEC/MC2011/ CR.18/D-5) EVMs 12/03/2012 1.26
65 General Elections of Municipal Corporation-Regarding Memory Chips in new Electronic Voting Machines(EVMs) its use & extraction of result- Instructions(SEC/MC2006/ CR.20/D-5) EVMs 17/02/2012 0.50
82 Safe storage and Tracking of Electronic Voting Machines (SEC/MC2010/ CR.6/D-5) EVMs 03/01/2011 0.62
96 Appointing Designated Officer for withdrawing the memory (DMM) of Electronic Voting Machine from the treasury after 3 months of period gets over after poll.(SEC/MC-2007/CR.6/D-5) EVMs 08/10/2007 0.99
100 Gram Panchayat Election October 2007- Printing of Address Tag for Electronic Voting Machine at the level of District Collector - Form (SEC/GPE-2007/D-8) EVMs 14/08/2007 0.54