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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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101 Keeping Deadstock Register regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and their associated materials(SEC/MC-2007/CR.7/D-5) EVMs 05/07/2007 0.39
106 Gram Panchayat elections- Procedure for Voting by Electronic Voting Machine EVMs 28/03/2007 6.66
108 Counting on Electronic Voting Machine of State Election Commission (SEC/ZPPS-2006/CR.25/D-7) EVMs 08/03/2007 0.80
117 Action to be taken if battery remains 'ON' after polling and therefore gets discharged, And result is not visible at the time of counting.(SEC/MC-2005/CR.18/ D-5) EVMs 13/06/2005 0.72
13 Standing Order "Appointment of Deputy Commissioner (General) as Nodal Officer at the Divisional Commissioner level for Gram Panchayat Election" (SEC/SO/GP/2017/CR-13/D8) Election Process 29/07/2017 0.64
14 Village (Gram) Panchayat Election- Standing order for determining the work place & other infrastructure to be provided for Returning Officer Election Process 01/06/2017 0.76
28 Holding a Gram Sabha meeting to issue a certificate regarding the use of the toilet. (Letter of Rural Development & Water Supply Department) (No.MSC-2016/CR.18/PR-2) Election Process 07/10/2016 1.29
30 Priority of the law regarding handling of unforeseen circumstances in elections to Local Bodies Election Process 04/10/2016 1.25
31 Local Body Election - Action to be taken on candidate elected on reserved seat for non-submitting Caste Validity Certificate within time limit (Letter of Rural Development & Water Supply Department)(No.GPE-2014/CR.159/PR-2) Election Process 04/08/2016 1.08
32 Legal opinions to be taken into consideration while forfeiting the deposit submitted by candidates in local body elections.(SEC/ZPPS-2016/CR-12/D-7) Election Process 19/05/2016 0.36