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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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121 Sending the report to the State Election Commission if only one candidate remains after the date of withdrawal and declaration of that candidate as unopposed winner with Commission's approval .(SEC/MC-2004/ CR.37/ D.5) Reporting 23/12/2004 0.36
142 Dissolution of Gram Panchayats in accordance with section 145 (1A) of the Mumbai Gram Panchayat Act, 1958.(SEC-1096/CR.2/96/PR ) Election Process 09/01/1996 0.38
101 Keeping Deadstock Register regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and their associated materials(SEC/MC-2007/CR.7/D-5) EVMs 05/07/2007 0.39
109 Local Body Elections- Regarding Vehicles to be used during the campaigning period (SEC/MC-2006/CR.19/D.5) Campaigning 11/10/2006 0.40
146 Laying down of limit of expenditure to be incurred by contesting candidates in the general elections or by-elections to the Panchayats or the Municipalities.(SEC.1095/101/ D-3) Election Expenditure 21/04/1995 0.40
1 Gram Panchayat General Elections (Number of Members, Ward Formation and Reservation) Revise Order - 2022 Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 22/07/2022 0.41
123 Reporting all important events or misconduct to the State Election Commission immediately.(MC-2004/CR.35/D-5) Reporting 01/12/2004 0.43
17 Local Body Elections- Clearing Garbage from Polling Stations (SEC/MC-2016/ CR.29/D.5) Polling Stations 29/03/2017 0.44
114 Disposal of video cassette(SEC/MC-2005/CR.36/D-5) Election Process 20/12/2005 0.44
63 Local Bodies Elections -Guidelines regarding celebration of public festivals during code of conduct (LBE/2011/CR.25/D-5) Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 16/03/2012 0.45