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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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11 Gram Panchayat Elections- Direct election of Sarpanch - sequence and colour of the ballot paper.-Order(SEC/GPE-2017/CR.11/D-8) Ballot Paper/Postal Ballot 23/08/2017 0.60
91 Regarding conducting election training on holidays for School Staff on Election Duty-Order(SEC/MC-2008/CR.9/D-5) Election Process 11/11/2008 0.60
115 Reorganization of ward formation of Local self Government Bodies (SEC/MC-2005/CR.17/D-5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 24/10/2005 0.60
82 Safe storage and Tracking of Electronic Voting Machines (SEC/MC2010/ CR.6/D-5) EVMs 03/01/2011 0.62
99 Gram Panchayat General Election-2017_ Regarding the supply of uninterrupted power supply at the respective places during the election period.(SEC/GP/2017/CR-17/D8) Election Process 15/09/2007 0.63
13 Standing Order "Appointment of Deputy Commissioner (General) as Nodal Officer at the Divisional Commissioner level for Gram Panchayat Election" (SEC/SO/GP/2017/CR-13/D8) Election Process 29/07/2017 0.64
22 Local Body Elections- Regarding Vehicles to be used during the campaigning period (SEC/ZPPS-2016/CR.31/D.7) Campaigning 19/11/2016 0.64
39 Gram Panchayat election-Important orders regarding seats nomenclature (SEC/GP/2015/CR-16/D8) Nominations 15/09/2015 0.64
152 Election to the Panchayats and the Municipalities- prevention of defacement of property and for matters connected therewith or incidents thereto.(SEC-1095/CR-25/95/PR) Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 21/01/1995 0.64
129 Regarding the elections of Gram Panchayats of scheduled areas.-Circular (SEC-1098/CR. 192/98 PR) Election Process 16/02/1998 0.65