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Compendium of Important Orders - Gram Panchayat

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25 Local Body Election - regarding prevention of appointing local representative or person with security as election / counting agent Dt.19.10.2016(SEC/ZPPS/2016/CR.23/D.7) Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.66
38 Regarding to the Rule 14-A of the Mumbai Gram Panchayat Election Rules, 1959- issuing the revised order by superseding the instruction letter dated November 11, 1997 of Commission.(No.SEC/GP-2015/CR.17/D-8) Election Process 21/09/2015 0.69
46 Local Bodies Election- No Need to File Affidavits/Declaration on the Stamp Paper (SEC/MC2014/CR.22/D.5) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 08/01/2015 0.70
80 Gram Panchayat ward formation -Regarding 50% Reservation for Women -Starting from July-Dec.2011 Gram Panchayat Elections (SEC/GP/2011/CR-2/D-8) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 16/05/2011 0.71
107 Permission of the Commission to be taken for withdrawal of complaints filed in electoral offenses(SEC/MC-2007/CR.10/D-5) Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 14/03/2007 0.72
117 Action to be taken if battery remains 'ON' after polling and therefore gets discharged, And result is not visible at the time of counting.(SEC/MC-2005/CR.18/ D-5) EVMs 13/06/2005 0.72
128 Reservation of members in Gram Panchayat Elections.(SEC-1098/CR.230/98 PR) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 21/04/1998 0.73
6 Explanatory order regarding the period of campaigning for the Gram Panchayat elections.(SEC/GP/2017/CR-17/D8) Campaigning 12/10/2017 0.74
83 Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samitis and Gram Panchayats Elections- Delegation of powers to disqualify candidate in case of failure to submit expenditure within prescribed time limit of 30 days(SEC/ZPPS-2010/CR.09/D.7) Election Expenditure 30/11/2010 0.75
7 Regarding correction of errors in the ward-wise voter list prepared for the Gram Panchayat elections.(SEC/GP/2017/CR-06/D8) Voter List 25/09/2017 0.76