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Compendium of Important Orders - Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samiti

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121 Local Bodies Elections- Keeping secrecy while doing ward formation activity (SEC/MC2005/CR17/D05) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 24/10/2005 0.07
122 Local Bodies Election- Action to be taken for false information given in the affidavit or declaration along with nomination paper Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 11/08/2005 0.20
123 Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samitee Election- Use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMS) EVMs 03/05/2005 0.22
124 Regarding the filing of FIR in electoral offense immediately Election Process 12/04/2005 0.03
125 Local Body Elections- Regarding Broadcasting of Interviews of political party's leaders, candidates electronic media 17032005 Paid News /Electronic Media 17/03/2005 0.03
126 revention to Ulter Boundaries & Areas of Local Body (SEC/MC-2005/ CR5/D-5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 27/01/2005 0.04
127 Sending the report to the State Election Commission if only one candidate remains after the date of withdrawal and for declaration of that candidate as unopposed winner with Commission's approval Reporting 23/12/2004 0.02
128 Chief Electoral Officer's Directions( dated 08.12.2004) for Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) to provide updated Voters' list (SEC/MC/2004/CR33/D5) Voter List 23/12/2004 0.58
129 Reporting all important events or misconduct to the State Election Commission immediately Reporting 01/12/2004 0.13
130 State Election Commission's Order and revision - Affidavit regarding criminal background and immovable, movable property details (SEC/GEN/2002/CR85/ D10) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 15/03/2004 0.09