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Compendium of Important Orders - Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samiti

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41 Local Body Elections- Fixing of Polling Booths and Ideal Polling Stations/ Booths(SEC-2015/CR9/PROJECT),(SEC/MC-2016/CR04/ D5) Polling Stations 09/03/2016 1.87
42 Maharashtra Election Symbol (Reservation and Allotment) Revised Order 2015 (SEC/RPP-2015/CR6/D-11) Symbol Allotment 06/05/2015 0.03
43 Prescribed Policy for getting accurate voters' list (data) (SEC-2015/CR3 /PROJECT) Voter List 17/04/2015 0.05
44 Guidelines for collecting weapons from Weapons Licensee during Election Period Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 09/04/2015 0.23
45 Local Bodies Elections- Regarding Action to be taken in case of blank columns kept in the Affidavit submitted- order (SEC/MC-2014/ CR22/D5) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 27/03/2015 0.06
46 To inform the State Election Commission immediately about the vacant seats in Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti Election Process 23/02/2015 0.02
47 Fixation of responsibility related to election duty for local bodies at regional level (SEC/MC-2015/ CR6/D5) Delegation of Powers 10/02/2015 0.08
48 Local Bodies Election- No Need to File Affidavits/Declaration on the Stamp Paper (SEC/MC-2014/CR22/ D5) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 08/01/2015 0.02
49 Local Body Elections- Measures For making Easily Available Caste Validity Certificate to the Candidates for the Election of Local Self Government Election Process 07/01/2015 0.05
50 Local Bodies Election- Conduct of election process as per direction given by Apex (Supreme) Court Decision Dtd. 19 / 10/2006 in Civil Appeal No.5756 / 2005 Election Process 25/11/2014 0.39