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Compendium of Important Orders - Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samiti

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146 Order regarding limit of expenditure incurred by candidate during election and proformas /formats for submitting expenditure Election Expenditure 07/02/1995 0.23
14 Local Body Election- including Ward Formation. (1)Appointing Responsible/ Dutiful & Impartial Officers for Election Process (2) Preventive Actions & other measures Dtd. 31.07.2018 Election Process 31/07/2018 0.07
21 Grant of honorarium / overtime allowance to the officers / staff working in the general election of the Municipal Corporation / Municipal Council / Municipal Council / Zilla Parishad / Panchayat Samiti in the State Election Process 12/06/2017 0.05
52 Disqualification of candidates who do not submit caste certificate in prescribed time limit by Zilla Parishad / Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayat Elections in the state Election Process 04/08/2016 0.04
53 Grampanchayat,Zilla Parishad/Panchayat Samiti Elections- Regarding Ex-gratia amount for injured, expired officer and staff on election duty Election Process 20/06/2016 0.05
55 Local Body Elections- Regarding the consideration of the valid votes while taking decision on confiscation of deposit Election Process 19/05/2016 0.02
56 Local Body Election - Action to be taken on candidate elected on reserved seat for non-submitting Caste Validity Certificate within time limit Election Process 06/04/2016 0.07
62 To inform the State Election Commission immediately about the vacant seats in Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti Election Process 23/02/2015 0.02
65 Local Body Elections- Measures For making Easily Available Caste Validity Certificate to the Candidates for the Election of Local Self Government Election Process 07/01/2015 0.05
66 Local Bodies Election- Conduct of election process as per direction given by Apex (Supreme) Court Decision Dtd. 19 / 10/2006 in Civil Appeal No.5756 / 2005 Election Process 25/11/2014 0.39