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Compendium of Important Orders - Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samiti

Sr.No Subject DocumentType Date Size(MB) pdf
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128 Certificate to Returned Candidates Election Process 08/06/1995 0.61
95 Appointing Designated Officer for withdrawing the memory (DMM) of Electronic Voting Machine from the treasury after 3 months of period gets over after poll. EVMs 08/10/2007 0.03
83 Regarding Informing names of star campaigner and discount in their travel expenses (SEC/MC-2011/CR17/D-5 Campaigning 08/11/2011 0.04
44 Local Body Elections- Fixing of Polling Booths and Ideal Polling Stations/ Booths(SEC-2015/CR9/PROJECT),(SEC/MC-2016/CR04/ D5) Polling Stations 09/03/2016 1.87
89 Local Body Elections Campaigning- Restriction on stay of outsiders (non-voters) who had came for campaigning, after campaigning period is over Campaigning 09/04/2010 0.02
47 Guidelines for collecting weapons from Weapons Licensee during Election Period Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 09/04/2015 0.23
8 Extension of time limit for submitting caste validity certificate by candidates, contesting on reserved seats (Year 2018 Maharashtra Ordinance No.30) Nominations 09/04/2018 0.03
2 Revise Order of fixation of number of seats, demarcation of wards and reservation for General Election of 25 Zilla Parishad and 284 Panchayat Samities Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 09/05/2022 0.67
62 Local Body Elections-Regarding applying ink on which finger in case of poll/ re-poll- Order Dtd.09/10/2012 Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 09/10/2012 0.02
30 Certificate to be submitted after completing the election process (SEC/ZPPS/2016/CR26/D7) Reporting 09/11/2016 0.10