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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat

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81 Guidelines on depositing weapons during election period Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 20/09/2014 0.03
82 Urban Local Bodies Election- Regarding acquiring 2011 Census population & Block Map from Census Office and Preparing Municipal Corporation/Council Wards Map based on it. (SEC/MC-2003/RN138/D.5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 11/02/2014 0.96
83 Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)- Depositing The black and Blue Memory of EVM in the State Election Commission office (SEC 2013/OM/CR.2/D-12) EVMs 03/01/2014 0.10
84 Local Bodies Election - Supplementary Order regarding use of "None of the Above"(NOTA) button (SEC 2013/CR.11/D-12) NOTA 26/11/2013 0.13
85 Local Bodies Election - Regarding the provision of "None of the Above" (NOTA) button on the Electronic Voting Machine NOTA 12/11/2013 0.43
86 Voting by Electronic Voting Machine (Revised) Order 2013(SEC 2013/CR.8/D-12) EVMs 28/10/2013 0.16
87 Local Bodies Election- Regarding Invalid or false Caste Validity Certificate (SEC/MC-2013/ CR.51-D-5),( SEC/MC-2013/ CR.25/D-5) Nominations 17/07/2013 0.39
88 Local Bodies Elections- Keeping secrecy while doing ward formation activity ( SEC/MC-2005/ CR.17/ D.5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 02/07/2013 0.05
89 Use of White Memory in EVM during elections to Local Self Government Bodies EVMs 18/06/2013 0.06
90 Celebration of Lokshahi Din during the Code of Conduct (SEC/GP-2013/CR.5/D.08) Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 04/03/2013 0.02