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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat

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18 Methods for counting of votes in the elections of Local bodies (SEC/MC-2009/CR.16/ D-5) Counting 18/02/2017 104.76
8 Delegation of powers to collector on behalf of State Election Commission regarding direct election to President of Nagar Panchayat. (SEC/MCL-2016/CR.39/D-6) Delegation of Powers 17/11/2017 0.09
41 Municipal Council Election-Delegation of Powers of SEC for Direct election of President of Municipal Council -Gazette (SEC/NP-2015-16/CR.39/D-6) Delegation of Powers 18/10/2016 0.07
42 Municipal Council Election- Authorising collector to function on behalf of State Election Commission for direct election of President of Municipal Councils (SEC/MCL-2015/CR.40/D-6) Delegation of Powers 18/10/2016 0.05
67 Local Body Elections- Delegation of powers to disqualify candidate in case of failure to submit expenditure within prescribed time limit of 30 days (SEC/MCL-2015/CR.10/D.6) Delegation of Powers 10/08/2015 0.07
73 Fixation of responsibility related to election duty for local bodies at regional level (SEC/MC-2015/CR.6/D.5) Delegation of Powers 10/02/2015 3.25
157 Delegation of Powers under the Acts & Rules of Municipal Council/Nagar Panchayat (MNC11.01/CR23/D-11) Delegation of Powers 17/08/2001 7.28
159 Assigning designations to the concerned authorities while performing the election duties (SEC/GEN/1999/CR.65/D-10) Delegation of Powers 30/08/1999 0.23
37 Local Body Election - regarding prevention of appointing local representative or person with security as election / counting agent Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.05
3 Regarding submission of accounts of the election expenses by contesting candidates in local body... elections, Order Dated 7th September, 2021 Election Expenditure 07/09/2021 0.53