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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat

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41 Municipal Council Election-Delegation of Powers of SEC for Direct election of President of Municipal Council -Gazette (SEC/NP-2015-16/CR.39/D-6) Delegation of Powers 18/10/2016 0.07
51 Municipal Council & Nagar Panchayat Elections -Regarding Appointment of Returning Officer, Assistant Returning Officer and Presiding Officer (SEC/MCL-2016/CR.33/D-6) Election Process 23/09/2016 0.07
52 Local Body Election- Implementation of Voter's Awareness Programme (NO.SEC/MCL-2016/CR..27/D-6) Voter Awareness 21/09/2016 0.07
67 Local Body Elections- Delegation of powers to disqualify candidate in case of failure to submit expenditure within prescribed time limit of 30 days (SEC/MCL-2015/CR.10/D.6) Delegation of Powers 10/08/2015 0.07
77 Local Bodies Election- No Need to File Affidavits/Declaration on the Stamp Paper (SEC/MC2014/CR.22/D.5) Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 08/01/2015 0.07
134 Providing video shooting's CDs of electoral proceedings (MC-2007/CR.18/ D-5) Election Process 07/04/2007 0.07
137 Use of Vehicles during Campaigning -Order (SEC/MC-2006/CR19/D-5) Campaigning 11/10/2006 0.07
9 Nagar Palika Member/President Election - Regarding Expenditure Limit (SEC/MCL-2016/CR 37/D.7) Election Expenditure 17/11/2017 0.08
46 Municipal Council Election- Procedure for use of Electronic Voting Machine(EVMs) in direct election to president of Nagar Parishad (SEC/MCL-2016/CR 38/D.6) EVMs 14/10/2016 0.08
142 Precautions to be taken while dividing enumeration block for ward formation (SEC/MC-2005/ CR.17/ D.5) Ward Formation / Reservation of Seats 15/12/2005 0.08