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Compendium of Important Orders - Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat

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63 Local Body Elections- Fixing of Polling Centres/ Booths and Ideal Polling Centre/ Booths (SEC 2015/ CR.9/PROJECT SEC/MC2016/ CR. 4/D.5) Polling Stations 09/03/2016 11.29
121 Local Body Elections Campaigning- Restriction on stay of outsiders (non-voters) who had came for campaigning, after campaigning period is over. (SEC/MC-2009/CR.4/D-5) Campaigning 09/04/2010 0.15
71 Guidelines on depositing weapons during election period Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 09/04/2015 0.18
53 Municipal Council/Nagar Panchayat General Election 2016- Order Regarding Maximum Number of Voters to be attached for each polling station (SEC/MCL-2016/ CR.29/D-6) Polling Stations 09/09/2016 0.06
93 Local Body Elections-Regarding applying ink on which finger in case of poll/ re-poll- Order Dtd.09/10/2012 (SEC/MC-2012/CR.24/D-5) Indelible Ink/ Marker Pen 09/10/2012 0.49
31 Certificate to be submitted after completing the election process (SEC/MC-2016/CR.16/ D-7) Reporting 09/11/2016 0.14
32 Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat Elections- Regarding reports to be submitted on each stage by Chief Observer & Observers (SEC/MCL-2016/CR.30/D-6) Reporting 09/11/2016 0.18
110 Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat Elections- Regarding Ex-gratia amount for injured, expired officer and staff on election duty (SEC/ZPPS-2006/CR.20/D-7) Election Process 10/01/2012 16.43
73 Fixation of responsibility related to election duty for local bodies at regional level (SEC/MC-2015/CR.6/D.5) Delegation of Powers 10/02/2015 3.25
170 Certificate to Returned Candidates (SRC/1095/CR- 11/D-3) Election Process 10/04/1995 3.40