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122 Local Body Election - Action to be taken on candidate elected on reserved seat for non-submitting Caste Validity Certificate within time limit Disqualification 16/12/2016 1.81
185 Local Body Elections- Defining Time Limit for Disqualifying Candidates on basis of not submitting Expenditure within prescribed time & manner-Gazette Disqualification 10/08/2015 0.07
200 Municipal Corporation Elections- Avoiding Unnecessary Corrospondance To State Election Commission in Cases of Disqualification of Members of Municipal Corporation on Ground of Conviction due to Moral Turpitude , as per Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. Disqualification 13/01/2015 0.03
220 Local Body Election- Disqualification of Candidate for Submitting Invalid or False Caste Certificate or Caste Validity Certificate -Order Dtd. 17/07/2013 Disqualification 17/07/2013 0.08
225 Local Body Elections- Regarding Disqualification due to Invalidity of caste Certificates- Order Dtd. 31/01/2013. Disqualification 31/01/2013 0.72
4 Gram Panchayat General Elections, - Expiring term from January 2023 to December 2023 as well as newly formed Gram Panchayats (Member post including post of direct Sarpanch) actual election program Order dated 3.10.2023 Election 03/10/2023 6.67
92 Appointment of polling agent for multimember ward in Municipal Corporation Election. Dtd. 16.2.2017 Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 16/02/2017 0.97
144 Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samities Election- Form for revocation of election agent and indentity card for election agent dt.19.10.2016 Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.05
145 Local Body Election - regarding prevention of appointing local representative or person with security as election / counting agent Dt.19.10.2016 Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.04
2 Procedure for submmission of election expenditurefor local body Elections , Order Dated 15.02.2024 Election Expenditure 15/02/2024 6.61