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121 Municipal Council & Nagar Panchayat Election 2016- Regarding manner of publishing gist of candidate's Affidavit for voters Candidates/Affidavits/Declaration 16/12/2016 0.04
129 Local Body Election- Regarding use of vehicles in campaigning -order Dtd.19.11.2016 Campaigning 19/11/2016 0.04
145 Local Body Election - regarding prevention of appointing local representative or person with security as election / counting agent Dt.19.10.2016 Election Agent/Polling Agent/Counting Agent 19/10/2016 0.04
149 Municipal Council Election- Authorising collector to function on behalf of State Election Commission for direct election of President of Municipal Councils Delegation of Powers 16/10/2016 0.04
227 Local Body Elections-Regarding applying ink on finger in case of poll/ re-poll- Order Dtd.09/10/2012 Poll Day/Polling/Voting 09/10/2012 0.04
229 Local Body Elections-About producing photo identity proof like Voter's Identity Card(EPIC) issued by ECI or any other identity proof as evidence for voting- Order Dtd 02/08/2012 Poll Day/Polling/Voting 02/08/2012 0.04
232 Local Body Elections-About Authorisation of Attestation Power regarding declaration of Postal Ballots -Instructions Ballot Paper/Postal Ballot 15/02/2012 0.04
237 Local Body Elections- Regarding Uses of Banner/Hordings- Circular Dt.04/02/2012 Campaigning 04/02/2012 0.04
58 Municipal Corporation General Elections -Observer's Functions & Responsibility Model Code of Conduct (MCC) 23/04/2019 0.05
99 Zilla Parishad & Panchayat Samities Elections- Regarding Rectifying Errors occured in Electoral Division wise or Electoral college wise voters list Voter List / Voter Awareness 25/01/2017 0.05